Zero or Minus Five Programme 2016

A new programme has recently been introduced at Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club by President Lye Hang Cheng, effective November the 3rd 2016. 

Known as the Zero or Minus Five programme, it is initiated to ensure meetings start and end on time, hence the Zero and Minus 5 means that either the meeting starts at 8.00 sharp or five minutes earlier. Not only that, tardiness affects the overall meeting agenda and its smoothness. You wouldn’t want that to happen in each meeting, would you? 

The Zero or Minus Five programme was successfully carried out during the last two meetings (3rd November and 17th November) where members and guests witnessed major improvement in terms of time management. Kudos to President Lye Hang Cheng!

Nonetheless, to ensure that the programme is carried out successfully throughout the term, we hope that members and role players would turn up earlier, rather than being on time. 

Together We Make It Happen, Together We Rise!

P/s : Light dinner will be served by 7.30 p.m.